High School Room L09
Session Topic: Google Earth, Ocean, Stellarium
Recorder: Stef Paternostro


We downloaded google earth 5.0
We investigated the program googling various addresses and locations. It was agreed that it was fun to observe the zoom from space view to bird's eye view down to the finer details at ground level. All the while, we were collaborating ways to integrate this new technology into the science curriculum, adhering to PA state standards.
~If you click on the planet icon in the program, you can select the sky option and get a bunch of really neat astronomy applications.
~There is also opportunity to look at previous landmarks and observe how they have changed over time. This might be particularly useful for environmental science teachers and related concepts.
~There are video links off of individual icons which further elaborate specific concepts.

We brainstormed humorous ways to present concepts in chemistry, biology and environmental sciences.
We also explored other websites which might use different applications to visually portray concepts which might normally be confusing should they not be animately shown.