High School Room L02

Session Topic: 1. Teaching Same Courses in Multiple Classrooms with Varying Technology

2. Changing Speed of Technology Concerns

Recorder: Kelly Mulroy


  • Effective planning, budgeting (major impact) and implementation of technology for the curriculum

  • Ineffective time for class set up due to multiple room changes

  • Same courses taught in computer labs vs traditional classrooms (without Smartboards) during same semester

    • Limited numbers of classrooms equipment with effective technology

    • Finance, Business Law, Marketing, Accounting, Intro to Business, Entrepreneurship

  • Software or hardware changes

    • Technology is ahead of the textbooks and materials

    • New software - no teaching materials

  • Consideration for technology courses due to changing speed in which technology changes

    • Need to know plans for equipment replacement, as certain software will only run on one platform or another

  • Curriculum review cycle does correspond with the technology initiative

    • Discrepancy between five - seven year curriculum review vs the rapid changes of technology

    • Changes in software vs corresponding textbook replacement