High School Room K01
Session Topic:
Wiki Pages and Practical Application in the Classroom
Recorder: John Conahan
Participants in Activity:
Paula Bywayter
Mike Hood
Jennifer DeGaetano
John Conahan
Priscilla Burns
Anita Maurer
David Miller, Topic Catalyst
Jeff Slanina Joined us after his blog workshop
Discussion regarding the difference between Wiki's and Blog's.
Demonstration by David Miller at artlitideas.wordpress.com & davidtmiller.wordpress.com
Discussion about student-based lessons involving David Miller's Blogs and possibilities for assignments.
Demonstration by John Conahan at wikispaces.com.
Demonstration and group activity on Wikispaces, delineating the EDIT, DISCUSSION and HISTORY functions.
Independent exploration on Wikispaces.
Individual Wiki spaces set up.
Discussion resumes regarding Blogging and Wiki - using them in tandem.
Continued Activities regarding both Wiki's, Blog's and additional online resources.
Jeff Slanina joined us when we were helping Paula Bywaters brainstorm on how she might use wikis for her class. David suggested she use it with recipes. She could have the kids collaborate on recipe requirements and she would be able to monitor which kids added which ingredients. Just a thought...