High School Room I06
Session Topic: Moodle for Guidance
Recorder: Steve Ebert


1. The MS Guidance Department wants to create an interactive Moodle page for students to interact with Peers and the MS Guidance Counselors regarding topics of interest such as:
-Course Selection for 9th grade
-Transitions: Elementary school to Middle school (5th to 6th grade), 6th to 7th and 7th to 8th grade, Middle School to High school (8th to 9th grade)
-'Ask the Guidance Counselor' (aka 'Guidance corner')
-PSSA information (dates, tests, preparation, and discussion board

2. Mr. Cappa showed his team page as an example to the Guidance team and showed us the options we have to use the Moodle as an interactive discussion board for students.

3. Ms. Randolph had Mr. Malone provide access for a Guidance Moodle site. We are currently up and running

4. The counselors, with the assistance of Mr. Cappa, began to construct the WMS Guidance Moodle site. This activity was led by Ms. Suzanne Randolph who has particular expertise in the use of computer technology.

5. We have begun the process of creating our moodle website. Next steps include:
-posting sample questions for students to respond to
-putting a link to the Moodle on the Guidance website
-notifying students and parents of the new availability of the Moodle for interaction and answers to questions
-continued updates with new forums
-expanding the Moodle site