High School Room F03
Session Topic

Open Technology Workshop
Recorder: Kerry Nolan

FINAL CUT – video editing program

Open the program and a video editing screen will pop up

First window on left: browser (where you store your clips, videos, etc.)

Second window on right: view clips, edit

Third window on right: canvas

Below: Timeline with 99 video clip space and 89 audio lines

Right hand side: Toolbar (if this is missing: windows, arrange, standard to reset)
Arrow (pointer)
Razor (to cut)

To add videos: There are two ways to add video

Use a video camera with a fire wire – it must be connected correctly to your computer

Cue up the tape (on the camera) where you need it
File, capture
Video pops up – capture, now
Press ‘esc’ to stop capturing the video
Hit OK and the video will be listed down below
You have the option to name the clip (or else it be called “untitled”)

Create bins to store video clips, pictures, etc.
Command B (to create bins) – must be in first window on the left

Import pictures from the internet or other sources
Make a folder on finder (name it)
Find pictures (make them full size) and drag them into your folder
To import my pictures:
File, import, folder, desktop, select folder (or you can import files, but need to import one at a time)

To make a picture project:
Open picture folder
Highlight pictures that you want and drag them down to V1 (video 1 section)

Scrubber (line in between pictures – click on space between pictures to get your scrubber)

You can also pull the tab at the bottom to expand or contract view

On the bottom left is a group of columns where you can change the view

Add music from itunes
File, import, file. Applications, itunes (or from the desktop)
Drag it down to A1 (it will take up two spaces – right and left speakers

If you have a red line, something is un-rendered
Sequence, render (audio or render all, both)
That will make your pictures play with music/audio

More useful tools
Hit “play” by hitting the space bar
Down arrow – goes to end of clip
Up arrow – goes to beginning of clip
Left and right arrow – allow you to jump to individual frames
(there are 30 or so frames per second, so you can cut out the ones that you don’t want

Effects (the tab on the left, not up above), video transitions (select one of the options)
Pull the option that you want down and place it in between two pictures

(you may need to render again)

To add a title

In middle window, click on “A” (bottom right corner), text, select one of the options
Click on controls (tab)
Type whatever you want (where it says sample text)
Go back to video (black screen) and then drag it down to your V1 (you
May need to render afterwards)

To move things around within a frame: far right screen, click on small box (center)

To Save: File, export, quick time movie, name it, select hard drive, place it in correct folder (of your choosing) or you can just save it to your desktop. Right click and change it into a quick time clip (that can be used almost anywhere)