High School Room C10
Session Topic:

Notes: how do we make the guidance office more 21st century...need a more interactive website
-videos that could be interactive to show step by step for app process, or videos to flash upcoming important dates/deadlines
- guidance feels like their website is too much text and reading, not enough 'in your face' information
- want to disseminate information to students with ease and in an interesting fashion so kids are kept up to date with information
- want to be able to put alerts on the website for crisis information
- website (like Eskate's swim team) program that texts kids if new information or alerts/ afraid kids don't check their email
- could have email sent to parents vs kids
- parent emails could all be listed in sapphire...would this be a difficult process to get all new ones on there?
- if use the program that texts kids have grades separated out - focus mostly on juniors/seniors for alerts
-need a different website type - more interactive (Diane Krauss assistance most likely)
-music on the website may be intriguing for kids
- want to reach out to parents as well who are struggling to get information
-emailing Diane to discuss creating interactive website that possibly provides alerts to students using texting to cell phones...(example - last day to sign up for PSATS or college planning night, etc.)