High School Room C08
Session Topic: smart notebook
Recorder: Genie Hill

MAC OSX- read to find
ctrl-two finger slide- larger screen
Premade resources and uses
-smart-tech site exploration
-we learned how to classify objects using a vortex
-we worked on how to use a spinner to discuss philosophical questions in LA or social studies
-we looked at a character rating scale to create a life graph
-we went to format/alignment to create grids and squares - makes what you print look more professional
-if you hold your fingers down on the smart board, it acts as right click
-infinite cloner
-change the font of text permanently - go to text style, change font, can make bold, etc., save tool properties
-linking - can link a web site with a picture

-cover a box with the same color box and it looks like magic when you reveal it
-object animation - does fun things with text and keeps kids interested - they can click on it if they think they know the word

-system preferences - expose and spaces - allows you to look at multiple pages - xcuts - allows you to find anything you need for data processing
-google in other countries- authentic researching
- embedding sound
-delicious- tag with url easily by downloading buttons into the browser, networking with colleagues
-united streaming-beyond videos- mp3, mp4
-break up into small groups and investigate