Middle School Room 226
Session Topic: Wikispaces
Recorder: Carmela Melso Galati

We began by viewing the wiki video.
The first thing you need to do is to join to use it.
A wikispace can be set up so that it is by invitation only, with filters, or completely open.
Go to Manage Wiki to Permissions to select an option for your se of the site.

A wiki is a general document which can be edited by anyone who wishes to participate since it is a large open document.
It is different from a googledoc since you can add visuals which can't be added to a googledoc.

Here is a sampling of what we found out:
The teacher can set up the page, similar to a webpage with information and links.
You can post a question for your students. The welcome page can include info for specific groups.
In the history you can go back to compare pages or find previous pages.
You can see how the editing has taken place.
Check on the progress, who was involved, etc.
You can add links for the students to visit directly from your page.
If you have Voicethread open and you add it to your wiki,
it will actjust like Voicethread in your wiki.
You can set the level so that students would have to join to access your page.
At the bottom of each page you can edit Navigation. The page still exists but it is no longer visible to everyone.

Bob Yarnall guided us as we worked on a practice page. As usual, his expertise made the session a positive experience for all.
We spent the remainder of our time practicing, exploring, asking Bob questions, and discussing
some of the educational applications for wikis.