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Smart Notebook Tool Kit

Helped all to download Leson Activity toolkit for those who didn't have it on their latops
Janet Moore - started with showing some of the games that she has already created
Tishara - started showing what games she has create
Setence builder game - can be used for retellings
Balloon Pop
Word Biz
Vortex Sort
Category Sort
Click and Reveal
Word Generator - for Popcorn Word Wall Lauren Phifer K at Blue Bell
Janet Moore showed how to Save Games/ Multiple Pages for Games / Activities for the same concept/
Double clicking to save the name
Hot Spots - Use for Map work, venn diagram, human body - it has sound
Biz Kacher- Showed us how to use smart notebook tools to capture pictures and place
Dice image Game - Showed how to create games - can use pictures and letters to match beginning sounds, sorting for vowel sounds, for habitats -one die for animals, one for habitats
F9 - show what you what windows you have open
Participants worked at tables showing what they have created and exploring the application.