Middle School Room 204
Session Topic:Blogs
Recorder: Shawn Burkhardt

Notes: Teachers:Jennifer Underwood, Kathleen Johnson, Brittany Caprice,(student teacher) Dan Packel, Shawn Burkhardt
Site: e-tool box - blog tutorial - Viewed Supported Blogging Sites
Objective: Learn how to use a blog so that students could blog about their reading in the classroom.
We created a blog on http://3burkhardtrdg.blogspot.com/2009/02/wizard-of-oz.html -please view. Then we realized that we should/could use the Moodle of Wissahickon to create a blog. Our next objective is to create a blog on moodle for our own classrooms. When we researched further the accessability of the blog we determined we should be using a wikispace for our objective. We then investigated creating a wikispace site that would be easily accessed through our district's moodle site as a link. It was a productive morning. Thanks

Two Feeters joined us: Mary Shannon, Mrs. Beardsley