Middle School Room 202

Session Topic: i movie
Recorder: Katrina Rachubinski

Notes: First, we viewed imovie presentation by Diane. We then split into 2 groups.
Scott Williamson helped as we all tried to create an imovie, he was trouble shooting and we were trying to load i photo images, edit video clips, add transitions, adjust i movie tools for enhancement of both photo and editing synchronization. We also worked on i photo familiarization through importing, exporting, and editing. We also figured out how to add music and work on timing of transitions. One suggestion is to incorporate an ongoing teacher 1/2 day each month so that we, the teachers, can really become technology experts. If the teachers had one half day each month, we could meet with other teachers in our buildings, trouble shoot, and continue learning and keeping current will all the new technology, updates, and projects that we aim to use in our classrooms. This would include building on our current foundation of knowledge both within specific programs as well as learning how to navigate through new applications and experiences. A scheduled, monthly half day will make it possible to become proficient in imovie and begin to explore all of the other topics available today. We found today's inservice very valuable and we appreciate the opportunity to choose an area of interest, learn new things, and concentrate on practical applications with other teachers. This type of inservice is very motivating. It gives us confidence to try new things in our classroom, clarify questions we may have, and makes us feel good!

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