Middle School Room 201
Session Topic: I Movie
Recorder: Sue Michel

  • Patty Fitzgerald demonstrates sample I movie and some tools.
  • Scott Williamson explained how to use the new imovie.
  • There are different versions.
  • Possibilities: Book Reports

Dianne Krause
Explained the Process
Area 1: Project library:
  • Projects save themselves.
  • To Add a new Project hit the plus.
  • Aspect ratio: Wide screen default
  • Do not choose wide screen default for You Tube- use standard default.
Area 2: Editing Area: Where you build your project
Area 3: Play Back Area
Area 4: Event Library
  • Record from MAC/ HIt the camera on the MAC and record straight up
  • Record from Video camera
  • Import pictures from other sources

Area 5:
Button with Arrows / flips top and bottom/ makes a bigger workspace.
Sliders: Change the size of the thumbnails./ how many seconds show up in a thumbnail
Farotite Clip stars : not used many times
Buttons are your friends/voice over / images with a voice over/ another way to use a presentation.
Power point is obsolete
Editing tool
Audio tool
Video adjustments

Music and Sound Effects (note)
  • Sound Effects
  • Music
  • Garage Band/ Jingles/
  • Two ways to get music in
  • click and drag/ hover over see the green than that song is the background song for the duration/
  • get a green bar and adjust.
Photo library (camera)
  • You can drag photos
Text T
  • Add text
Edit #
  • click the picrture
  • click the clock
  • picture automatically comes in with the Ken Burns effect
  • choose where to start with top right arrow/ where to end
Transitions (hourglass)
defaut at .5 seconds.
change the duration of the transitions

Questions and Comments:
Comment: Classroom strategy/Let the child continue reading/ performing even if they make a mistake. Then cut.
Question: Can't put mini-discs in to download. So put the mini-disc into the camera and put out.
Comment: Share Menu
-send to you tube
-export using quicktime (anyone can view a quick time movie)
Comment: Save
The menu may be limited but you are given a choice of where to save
If you click the arrow you get your whole computer to choose from
automatically want to save in the movie file.
Comment: One minute movies may take a long time to download. (one minute my take 15 minutes)